REVIEW Seberg: The tragic story of the actress who got too close to the Black Panthers

“Seberg” is a real-life drama from 2019, starring Kristen Stewart. The film tells the story of actress Jean Seberg, who suffered a tragic fate because of her ties to the Black Panthers movement.

Both in film and in reality, Jean Seberg, a well-known actress in France, but also in Hollywood at the time, chooses to side with the Black Panthers Party, which fights for the rights of black citizens. United States of America.

Unfortunately, racism still prevails in 1970s America, and the assassination of Malcolm X, a well-known leader of the black community in the United States, is heating up the spirits even more.

On one of her trips back to the States, actress Jean Seberg meets several members of the Black Panthers on the plane, while they quarrel with the stewardess who tells them they can’t travel to first grade, assuming that the reason is their skin color. Hearing the conversation, Seberg offers to give his widow Malcolm X his place, which gives rise to a long friendship between the actress and the members of the activist party.

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Kristen Stewart, exceptional in the role of Jean Seberg

Despite her negative reputation in “Twilight”, Kristen Stewart proves to be an exceptional actress, if we consider the fact that throughout her career, the actress portrayed several important figures. of history and art, including Joan Jett, Princess Diana, and now Jean Seberg.

Due to the accuracy of the facts, it can be said that “Seberg” could be unofficially included in the category of “documentaries” or even “historical films”.

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The tragedy of the actress is, in itself, a leitmotif for everything that has suffered over time, the community of people of color in the United States.

Jean Seberg died at the age of 40. His death has been declared a suicide, but the mystery hovers, even today, conspiracy theories claiming that, in reality, it was the “hand” of the US government, since then.

The movie can be watched on Netflix.

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