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It wasn’t that long ago that the Monkey Island franchise was considered dead and with no hope of returning, but return it certainly did, with a new main game from the original creators in the form of Return to Monkey Island. Originally launched for the Nintendo Switch and PC, the acclaimed point-and-click adventure game also made its way to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S later in the year, and soon it will open its gates to an even wider audience.

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Terrible Toybox have announced that Return to Monkey Island is coming to mobile devices. It will be released on July 27 for iOS and Android, with pre-registrations available now on the App Store and Play Store. Watch the announcement trailer below to see it in action on mobile devices.

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In our review of Return to Monkey Island at launch, it received a score of 9/10, saying, “Considering how easy it was for Return to Monkey Island to go disastrously wrong, it would honestly be tempting to call it nothing short of a miracle that it’s as great as it is – but frankly, that would be an insult to Ron Gilbert and the team he assembled, and the incredible work and passion they’ve shown here. They have all managed to deliver what mainly seemed really impossible at this point in time: a real, new, modern Monkey Island game, one that is so convincing in recreating the highlights of the series’ heyday that it feels like those heyday never ended.” Read the full review here.

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Specific sales figures for Return to Monkey Island have not been disclosed since launch, although Devolver Digital announced last October that it was the fastest-selling game in the long-running adventure franchise.

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