Retail edition FPS 41 Hours available for PlayStation consoles from today – That’s Gaming

Funbox Media Ltd and digital publisher Eastasiasoft Limited are pleased to announce that the boxed retail edition of the intriguing, narrative first-person shooter 41 Hours is now available for PlayStation 4 and 5.

41 Hours, developed by Texelworks, takes you on a dramatic and intriguing story-driven FPS journey through space and time in which a workaholic scientist searches for his long-lost wife through alien worlds.

41 Hours is a dramatic, narrative first-person shooter that follows Ethan, a workaholic scientist who will stop at nothing to find his long-lost wife. Using his scientific breakthroughs, Ethan must embark on a dangerous quest to unravel the secrets of his wife’s disappearance by bending the time-space continuum and manipulating superhuman forces as he jumps between alien worlds using both brain and weapon power to take on alien hordes.

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