Rehab center adds crypto trading addiction to its list of services in the fight against addiction

A Spanish rehab center has added another addiction to the list of problems it provides services against. The new addiction is the problem of addiction to crypto trading.

The facility is a Swiss-oriented wellness center called Balance, with its main management office on the Spanish island of Majorca, in addition to other units in London and Zurich. Recently, the platform started offering addiction prevention services for crypto trading.

The luxury rehab center in Spain has long treated addictions such as alcohol, drugs and behavioral health. However, recently, it has offered services focused on combating crypto trading addiction.

The Feb. 5 report describes that one of the center’s clients contacted them to treat crypto-currency addiction after allegedly investing about $200,000 in trades each week. The treatment includes a four-week stay that involves therapy, massage and yoga. The bill can be estimated at over $75,000.

Another hospital in Scotland, called Castle Craig Hospital, is an addiction rehab clinic that has been treating high-adrenaline crypto traders since 2018. It has seen over 100 clients admitted for harmful crypto currency trading issues.

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Castle Craig Hospital, located in Peeblesshire in the Scottish Borders, has set up a residential treatment course for those who may be considered crypto addicts. According to experts, crypto-currency trading has the potential to become a dangerous sort of addiction, where investors will persistently study the minute-to-minute disruptions all day long.

According to a therapist at Castle Craig Hospital, massive risk leads to the issue of gambling. It offers excitement and an escape from reality, which creates the classic bubble situation.

Castle Craig explained that although there are no numbers to determine crypto addicts, there are over thirteen million people in the world who trade. Therefore, the number of people with gambling problems must be significant.

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Returning to the Spanish rehab center, it should be added that it adopts the methods of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Psychodynamic Theory (PT), as part of its comprehensive multi-layered strategy to help traders overcome their addiction.

It is also perceived that the delirious ups and downs of the extremely volatile 24/7 crypto-currency trading regime have led to a massive demand for rehab centers that provide services to trading addicts. According to an article by Family Addiction Specialist, about one percent of investors will have a critical pathological addiction, while another ten percent will suffer additional problems separate from monetary loss.

A similar facility has been launched in Asia, called the Diamond Rehabilitation. It is a Thailand-based wellness center that has also started treatment practices based on crypto-currency addiction.

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