Real story, stolen anyway? Book author is suing Apple over Tetris movie

Among other things, Apple has filed a lawsuit because of one of its films.  (Image: AppleTetris)

Among other things, Apple has filed a lawsuit because of one of its films. (Image: Apple/Tetris)

A film adaptation of Tetris had been rumored for a long time, but then Apple snapped up the film rights and brought the flick starring Taron Edgerton to Apple TV Plus in March 2023.

The Cuprtinians did so, to the chagrin of a certain man, as the film’s script is said to be based on a book he published in 2016.

What happened? Dan Ackerman, editor-in-chief of the English-language tech blog Gizmodo, has sued Apple and The Tetris Company, among others. They allegedly violated the copyright of his own book, according to Reuters.

Ackerman claims that the film Tetris his book published in 2016 The Tetris Effect would be the same in almost all essential points. He speaks of copyright infringement.

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Author received cease and desist letter

Ackerman sent an advance copy of his book to Tetris Company CEO Maya Rogers ahead of publication, the author says in the indictment. In the same year, Ackerman’s agent received a reply telling him not to make the book into a film.

A clear case for the author. Rogers took over contents of the book together with the screenwriter Noah Pink without Ackerman’s consent in order to publish a film about the Tetris story himself.

Our editor Patrick Poti has unearthed another story worth reading from the technology world:

Ackerman demands participation

For authors, film adaptations of their works are the largest source of income, and Ackerman knows that too. Therefore he demands six percent of the production budget.

Indeed, the author sees an economic attack on his company and the unauthorized use of his property.

It is now up to the court to find out what is historical fact and what was really borrowed from the book.

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Below is the trailer for the film Tetris on Apple TV Plus.

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The background of how Tetris came about and how the game made it to us from behind the iron curtain is as amazing as it is worth reading. Do you know the whole story? Have you already watched the film on Apple TV Plus? Or does that belong in the “party knowledge” category? Type it in the comments.

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