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Today Metric Empire wants to give you a look at two lovely characters who will help you on your journey in Battle Shapers! Life in New Elysium can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some friendly faces along the way! You have a few robot friends who will have your back in more ways than one as you shoot and throw metal haymakers at legions of evil bots, navigate through towers full of traps and claim POWERFUL cores from fallen Overlords!

Is there anything better than an adorable robot to help you on your journey? The answer is No. No, there isn’t. Meemo (Memetic Encrypted Elysian Machine Operator) helps Ada in her quest against the evil Overlords. of her! They are your best friend and loyal companion and will always be behind you, but please be kind to them; they get easily overwhelmed under pressure!

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Huck & Hauly
Huck and Hauly live like nomadic caravan traders, hiding in the many tunnels and backdoor passages of the towers to provide you with the best wares (if you have the coin!). Huck and Hauly can bicker at times, but they are enormously loyal to each other. Huck tends to take up most of the space, he is a born con man and he is not afraid to go the extra mile for a sale in these hard times. Although Hauly is more shy, he supports Huck’s business dreams and keeps him out of trouble. If you encounter them during your adventures, you can always trust that they have valuable equipment to help you in your quest to free New Elysum.

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