Qualcomm may not have an answer to Apple M1 processors until 2024

Apple’s M1 processors took the entire industry by surprise, offering performance comparable to or better than the Intel models they replaced, along with outstanding battery life due to their low power consumption. Since the debut of these processors in 2020, Apple’s rivals have failed to release chips that are as efficient and/or high-performing, but Qualcomm is planning a launch of a processor called Hamoa, which would offer “extremely promising” performance.

Qualcomm wants to deliver PC components as powerful and efficient as Apple’s

There are already tablets and laptops equipped with Qualcomm processors, but they don’t offer competitive performance in the market. That’s because they’re built on the company’s smartphone chipset design and aren’t optimized for use alongside a desktop operating system built primarily for x86 processors.

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The PC market may finally have an alternative to the M1 and M2 with Qualcomm’s new Hamoa processor (codename), which will ship in 2024 with a high-performance 8-core and efficient 4-core configuration made in the company’s labs. These are based on the Nuvia Phoenix design and will use a similar configuration to the M1.

Interestingly, however, unlike Apple, which only offers support for its proprietary internal GPU, Qualcomm’s chipset will also be able to be configured with dedicated GPUs, such as those from NVIDIA, AMD or Intel. This means that Qualcomm processors will be able to be integrated into productivity and ultraportable computers as well as gaming computers or computers for professional use in the creative area.

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The source of this information is leaker Kuba Wojciechowski, who has also provided information about the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 configuration in the past. He cites unnamed sources close to Qualcomm.

via Android Authority

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