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Putting an end to rumors, Google unveiled the Pixel Watch design in an official teaser video


Shared on YouTube, the first Pixel Watch video teaser shows a completely different design from the rival Apple Watch, much sleeker and closer to the look of a conventional wristwatch.

Posing as a luxury watch with high-tech features, the Pixel Watch is likely to turn heads, both on store shelves and especially in the hands of future owners.

Released in anticipation of the launch event set for October 6, the video presentation shows the Pixel Watch design from every possible angle, at least from an aesthetic point of view leaving little room for interpretation as to how it stacks up against Apple’s alternative.

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Not wanting to give too many details about the technical specifications, Google omitted the bottom of the device, so the sensor repertoire will only be known at launch. We do discover, however, that the circular AMOLED display blends in perfectly with the very rounded exterior design. So does the strap cut to the contour of the dial, secured with a removable mechanism without leaving a visible bezel area.

Of course, the real innovations will be seen on the display of the new gadget, with Google being first a software developer and only then a hardware designer, the company leaving the technical details to the OEM partner who will actually manufacture the new smartwatch. So for the really interesting details we’ll have to wait for the launch event scheduled for next month.

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As for the Pixel Watch’s price, rumors so far are converging around the $350 threshold for the base trim, more than the base Galaxy Watch 5 ($279) but less than the $399 asking price for the just-released Apple Watch 8.

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