PUBG Mobile arrives at FACEIT with daily tournaments to support esports ecosystem

ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) has announced that PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, will come to. FACEIT for the first time. The platform for competitive gaming has now opened registrations for the PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup qualifiers in EMEA and will launch daily cups to support PUBG MOBILE’s eSports ecosystem and provide a training platform for aspiring professional players.

The launch invites the PUBG MOBILE community to hone their skills in competitive matches against other aspiring players to gain experience, earn rewards and compete in the ultimate competitive environment. Registration is now open for the first of 16 qualifiers for PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup in EMEA, which began on August 3, 2023. Winning teams will compete in the PUBG MOBILE Challenger Cup Finals on September 9-10, 2023.

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In PUBG MOBILE’s new global daily cups on FACEIT, players will have the opportunity to compete in rotating solo, duo and squad formats where they can compete for FACEIT points, now redeemable in the FACEIT Store for UC (the in-game currency in PUBG MOBILE).

PUBG MOBILE named the most watched Battle Royale e-sport in 2022. and has one of the largest e-sports ecosystems in the world. FACEIT is one of the world’s leading platforms for competitive gaming. As a destination for competitive gamers, the new PUBG MOBILE tournaments represent a significant development for the mobile eSports ecosystem.

This is our first collaboration with the PUBG MOBILE community and one of the biggest mobile launches at FACEIT to date. This move is just another step towards our long-term strategy of building open, ambitious, rewarding and sustainable eSports ecosystems by leveraging our platform, its technology and decades of experience.

Milos Nedeljkovic, director of product marketing, ESL FACEIT Group (EFG).

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