Project CARS 4 leak shows early concept images – That’s Gaming

Slightly Mad Studios has delivered some solid racing games with its Project CARS franchise and at one point was in the process of developing the next installment, Project CARS 4. However, last November it was announced by Electronic Arts – which owns Slightly Mad Studios’ parent company Codemasters – that all future development of Project CARS was being halted, effectively canceling the next installment.

And while the future of the franchise seems uncertain at best, fans did recently get a glimpse of what it would have looked like – a very rough and early glimpse, at least. Shared by YouTube channel Game Over Tapes, a new video shows some of the early concepts of the in-game 3D user interface that was created for Project CARS 4 before its cancellation, seemingly created by UI artist Christian McMorran. Check it out below.

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Since the announcement to suspend the Project CARS franchise last year, neither EA nor Slightly Mad Studios have said anything about what the latter will now work on. Shortly after said announcement, former Slightly Mad founder Ian Bell stated that he planned to hire members of the series’ development team for his new studio, Mildly Annoyed Games, and its accompanying racing game.

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