PREMIERE. Mihai Gâdea emotional statements on the podcast ALTCEVA with Adrian Artene

Journalist Mihai Gâdea is the guest of Adrian Artene in the podcast ALTCEVA on Friday, April 29, starting with 19.00.

Mihai Gâdea made the first confessions about the sermons he gave before entering television, he talked about his family, about his childhood and about the moment when he talked to God.

He also talked about how he was attacked because of his faith and how he chose between the Church and television.

Mihai Gâdea is a graduate of the Faculty of Theology. He started his activity in television in 2002. Until 2004 he was a programmer for Realitatea TV, after which in 2004-2005 he was a presenter for Antena 1.

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Starting with May 14, 2010, he is the director of the Antena 3 television station, after leading the Antena 2 station and is the moderator of the show “Synthesis of the day”, an extremely popular format in Romania.

Adrian Artene has been publishing in the national press since 1996. He has a double degree in Journalism and Law, and two master’s degrees in Theology and Criminal Sciences. He is the author of the book “State Mafia”, but also of the volumes of poems “Loves for which God also cried” and “The punctuation of love”.

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He is a member of the Union of Professional Journalists and, at the same time, of the Union of Romanian Composers and Musicologists. He has won numerous awards for the investigative press, as well as literary awards.

Watch the full interview with Mihai Gâdea, on Friday, April 29, at 7 pm, on the YouTube channel Altceva cu Adrian Artene. Subscribe here!

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