Possibly life has been found on a distant planet –

The universe can be a scary place, especially considering the possibility that we are the only planet that supports life on it. However, using the new James Webb telescope, scientists may have discovered signs of life elsewhere.

120 light years away from Earth, researchers have found signs of a molecule called dimethyl sulfide. On Earth, this is produced only by life. It has been stressed that more research needs to be done, but it is still exciting.

“If confirmed, it would be a huge deal and I feel a responsibility to get this right if we make such a big claim,” said Prof. Madhusudhan of the University of Cambridge. But Dr. Robert Massey remains enthusiastic.

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“We are slowly getting to the point where we will be able to answer that big question of whether we are alone in the universe or not,” he told the BBC.

What do you think? Is there life?

Possibly life has been found on a distant planet

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