Polkadot and Moonbeam land on Exaion Node (EDF)

Exaion Nodethe blockchain node service offered by the subsidiary Exaion of the group EDFhas just integrated the networks Polkadot and Moonbeam to its offer.

Wednesday, Exaion announced that its on-demand blockchain node platform has proceeded with the integration of new blockchain networks.

Unveiled last December and initially compatible with Ethereum, Tezos, EWF, Avalanche, and Bitcoin, Exaion Node now supports Polkadot – its mainnet, secondary Kusama network, and Westend testnet – as well as the parachain Moonbeam – its mainnet and testnet Moonriver.

These protocols allow us to enrich our offer and provide users with better calibrated and more complete solutions, adapted to many use cases: decentralized Finance, NFT, Play-to-earn,” Exaion said on LinkedIn.

According to the Web3 subsidiary of the Tricolor group, Exaion Node allows to save ” 30 to 40% development time ” and achieve very high levels of performance in terms of number of requests per second.

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“The choice of new protocols operating on proof of stake, which is less energy intensive than proof of work, reaffirms our commitment to a more environmentally friendly blockchain,” she added.

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