Police complete evacuation of major fire at Islamabad’s Centaurus mall

Oct. 9 () –

Police in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, have announced that they have successfully completed the evacuation tasks for the large fire declared this Sunday in the Centarus shopping mall in Islamabad.

One of the three skyscrapers that make up the mall, one of the most iconic in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, has begun to burn this Sunday after a fire broke out on the restaurant floor of the facility, reports Capital TV.

“All people in the mall have been safely evacuated. Teams are conducting a search operation inside the mall,” the Police made known on its Twitter account.

Images captured on television show how the flames have spread beyond the lower floors and have already reached the facade of one of the 23-story skyscrapers, which serves as an office and residential area.

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About the fire, the Police has reported that the flames that started in the mall are already under control and that “no stores were damaged”, although firefighters are still trying to control a focus that has appeared “on the outside of the property”.

No casualties are reported at the moment. “Helicopters are also being called in for rescue and firefighting,” added the Police, who have also issued a traffic restriction order for the area.

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