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Sony has announced the free PlayStation Plus Essential games for January 2024, giving you the chance to play with friendly rats, wreak havoc in a supernatural Old West, and change shape in the New Year. A Plague Tale: Requiem leads the first set of free games of 2024, followed by Evil West and Nobody Saves the World. All three games will be available for download for Essential, Extra, and Premium tier PlayStation Plus subscribers on Tuesday, Jan. 2.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is the sequel to the surprisingly gripping and often disgusting A Plague Tale: Innocence, which follows a girl named Amica and her younger brother Hugo as they flee from soldiers through the French countryside in the 1300s. The children soon discover that they must also avoid the thousands of plague rats swarming through the nation, although the rats can be useful tools if you can open up opportunities for them to feast on your helpless pursuers.

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Evil West also brings a supernatural lens to a period action game. The third-person shooter pits you against an Old West full of vampires, mixing your usual lever-action rifles and six-shooters with steampunk-style weapons and some really nasty metal claws. It comes from developer Flying Wild Hog, best known for Hard Reset and the Shadow Warrior games.

Finally, there’s Nobody Saves the World, which gives you magical powers in a cartoonish and often funny top-down action-RPG. After accidentally getting your hands on a wizard’s wand, you are given the ability to transform the dull and malleable protagonist, Nobody, into various forms, including fantasy staples such as an arrow-shooting Rogue, and stranger options such as a robot. Using the right form for the job is essential for both combat and puzzle solving as you work through procedurally generated dungeons and try to lift a curse from the land.

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