PlayStation launches YouTube channel dedicated to esports

The company owned by Sony, PlayStationhas announced the creation of a new YouTube channel dedicated to eSports. The channel is the first of its kind for Sony and will feature a variety of eSports-focused content, including player interviews, guides and other content that cannot be found on the main PlayStation channels.

The creation of a YouTube channel may not seem like big news, but this is an important new step in Sony’s expansion into the eSports industry. The channel only has four videos and one YouTube “short” so far, and just over a thousand subscribers. Sony has dubbed the channel the “home of PlayStation Esports on YouTube“.

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In addition to the welcome video shown above, there is a video detailing the steps needed to compete in eSports games through PlayStation, although the YouTube short provides a better idea about the channel. It’s an interview with Tom and Tony Cannon, founders of the Evolution Championship Series, the premier fighting game tournament acquired by Sony in 2022.

Sony has been making steady moves in eSports for a while now. In addition to acquiring EVO, Sony has launched its own hardware brand called INZONE. The brand, which was announced in 2022, launched a line of gaming monitors and headsets focused on e-sports players using PlayStation consoles.

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One of Sony’s first partnerships for the INZONE brand right after its founding was with Evolution Championship Series, but the brand has since partnered with British e-sports organization Guild Esports and VALORANT Champions Tour.

Sony also acquired e-sports tournament platform in July 2022, further expanding its offerings in the competitive space. It is not yet clear what further moves in the eSports space will follow the creation of this new channel.

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