Pixel 7 Pro, easier to scratch than an iPhone (VIDEO)

Coming with a new all-metal camera-bump, the Pixel 7 Pro is a little sleeker and sturdier than its Pixel 6 predecessor, provided you don’t care too much about the inevitable scratches.

Where the Pixel 6’s predecessor came with a glass camera-bump that could shatter if you slammed the phone too hard, the Pixel 7’s successor comes with an all-metal trim that doesn’t shatter, but scratches at the slightest contact with abrasive surfaces, like the sand-spattered table at your beach bar of choice on your seaside vacation.

The problem was highlighted on the YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, the camera ornament being nothing more than a piece of aluminum sanded to perfection. And if that’s all the finish is, without including a particularly scratch-resistant material like stainless steel in the equation, then we have the perfect recipe for a lot of disgruntled fans.

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In the absence of abrasive sand particles, the Pixel 7 Pro can scratch just as easily if put in the same pocket as your house keys, or a few coins. In other words, the new Pixel will scratch at any opportunity, showing unsightly signs of wear and tear in no time. Scratches that, while not affecting the basic functionality of the product, will certainly diminish its resale value, along with the pride of buyers who bought the phone new.

Unfortunately, the same rule applies to the side bezel, also made of a well-polished but not very hard aluminum alloy. The only good news is that the camera lens won’t scratch as easily, keeping photo performance intact. Instead, you’d be better off investing in effective protection for the curved-edge screen, purchased bundled with a premium phone case cover.

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