PHARAOH receives a Deep dive into the Canaanite Faction – That’s Gaming

Developer Creative Assembly has released a new in-depth video for the upcoming strategy game Total War: PHARAOH, this time focusing on the city-states of Canaan. Check out the in-depth explanation of the Canaanite factions below.

The in-depth video discusses two of the playable Canaanite warlords: Isru the Looter and Bay the Conspirator. As their titles suggest, the two warlords play in different ways, one characterized by aggression and brute force, while the other has a stealthy play style revolving around espionage.

The Canaanite faction will also have a different approach to military than the Egyptian factions, as it must deal with heavy armor and speed of its opponents. The Canaanite army will emphasize adaptability during combat, as well as medium-armored units.

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For more details on how the factions will play out in the upcoming game, also check out the in-depth video for the Egyptian factions released earlier this month. While you’re at it, check out how dynamic weather systems and other gameplay features will affect the battlefield in Total War: PHARAOH.

Total War: PHARAOH is scheduled for release on PC this October.

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