Phantom adds support for Bitcoin, BRC-20 and Ordinals

Phantoma portfolio initially designed for the Solana ecosystem, now supports Bitcoin (BTC)tokens BRC-20 as well as Ordinals.

The Solana portfolio editor Phantom announced late yesterday that it was opening up to the Bitcoin with support for BTC, Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens.

From now on, you no longer need to keep your BTC on centralized exchanges. […] You can do everything directly from your favorite multichain wallet,” reads a blog post.

Phantom, which raised over $100 million in its latest round of financing, had already expanded the number of networks compatible with its product. The wallet had already been supporting Ethereum and Polygon, in addition to Solana, since the end of 2022.

To store bitcoins, users must manually activate an option in the wallet interface. The feature is currently offered in beta version and limited to a few DApps, including UnitSat and Magic Eden. It includes support for SegWit and Taproot addresses.

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