Peter Pan has also entered the public domain –

The public domain is a strange thing, and so is copyright law. I’m not going to try to understand or explain it, but when something enters the public domain, it seems to be free for everyone to make what they want with it.

Usually that translates into crappy horror movies. But hopefully with these new characters entering the public domain, we can see some more creativity. In addition to the original Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie, the first iteration of Peter Pan from J.M. Barrie’s novel and Tigger have entered the public domain.

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Of course, the main focus here is on Mickey, as we have seen, but it is important to remember that these other famous characters are now also available to do whatever you want with. Just try not to add more horror to the mix, if you don’t mind.

Thanks, The Hill.

Peter Pan has also entered the public domain

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