PETA has named James Gunn its Person of the Year -.

PETA has decided to join the hype train of awards season by announcing the winner of the elusive Person of the Year award . For 2023, the honor has gone to current DC Studios co-head honcho, writer and director James Gunn, all for his efforts to promote animal rights.

PETA states that Gunn received the award for “standing up for animals in all facets of his life, from fiercely promoting adoption and showing computer-generated animals in his films to using his talent for cinematic storytelling to expose the torture animals endure in laboratories to millions of viewers around the world.”
This is of course a reference to the story of Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which ended up being a much more emotional story than many expected from a Marvel film. PETA even describes the film as a ” animal rights masterpiece” because of the gripping story of the experiment Rocket faced at the hands of the High Evolutionary.

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Of course, Gunn’s film efforts were not the only reason he received the award, as he is also an advocate for animal adoption and even the owner of three adopted animals.

PETA has named James Gunn its Person of the Year

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