Payday 3 gets four difficulties, Overkill will be really hard and unfair – That’s Gaming

Starbreeze Studios’s Payday 3 has a new developer’s diary available with lots of details, discussing different aspects of combat. Senior game designer Miodrag Kovacevic revealed that there will be four difficulty levels at launch: Normal, Difficult, Very Difficult and Overkill. Normal difficulty is intended for beginners learning to play.

Difficult is considered the “standard” difficulty when leveling up, and Very Difficult is the next step after you have found comfortable equipment. Veterans will probably start at the latter difficulty, but an even greater challenge awaits them – Overkill, planned as a “relentless, unfair difficulty.”

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Enemies and their health do not change between difficulty levels. Instead, their numbers, accuracy and damage are adjusted. The idea is to “encourage people to be able to play together. One feeling we want to avoid is a situation where you have to play in an easier difficulty and get bored, or play in a harder difficulty and get overwhelmed,” Kovacevic said.

Payday 3 will be released on Sept. 21 for Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC. It is exclusive to current-gen consoles to deliver “the best version of the game,” with Starbreeze aiming to recreate the feel of a “Hollywood Heist.” Go here for more details on the enhancements and setting.

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