Madrid in Game Hack Jam: The challenge to develop your own videogame in 48 hours

Madrid in Gamean initiative of the Madrid City Council, is promoting the first edition of ‘Madrid in Game Hack Jams’, an event in which several teams compete against each other. boosting creativity, collaborative work, innovation and talent.. It was born with the aim of bringing together developers and artists from the video game sector to design the future of the industry and gamification.

This professional video game creation marathon will also have its sights set on. sustainability, inclusion, social development, and will seek to boost gamer talent by creating job opportunities and new projects.

Under the slogan “Transforming Madrid beyond the video game” and with the commitment to promote, empower and educate in the gaming industry.the next July 14 participants will meet at the Experience Center of the Campus del videojuego. There, a common global theme will be unveiled, which developers will have to work on to create a game in the next 48 hours.

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Once the countdown has started, the teams will move to the Development Centerwhere they will have to demonstrate their competencies and skills by giving shape to their ideas. With this experience, participants will acquire real professional skills, gain visibility within the gamer ecosystem and broaden their portfolio.

Design, music, programming, narrative, creativity… all in a day in which participants will also have mentoring and networking with professionals with whom to share experiences, knowledge and establish synergies. Two days in which the ‘jammers’ will give free rein to their imagination and create their proposal. Once the time is over, the games will be presented to a jury that will evaluate the work and give its verdict to designate the winners in the categories of design, art and playability.

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The videogames born during this frenetic day will be available for testing once the ‘Madrid in Game Hack Jams’ are over. Check the official social networks of Madrid in Game to enjoy the talent and creativity of the participants on your PC. Registration, open and free for adults, can be done through the Madrid in Game portal ( until July 10.

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