PATHFINDERS, women’s tournament series, arrives

The video game and e-sports agency PROJEKT GAP has announced a new tournament series called PATHFINDERS. It will focus on the competition between women and marginalized communities.. The series will kick off with a League of Legends tournament in May 2023, and will feature a franchised model.

PROJEKT GAP is a UK agency that focuses on creating accessibility for gamers and brands in the gaming and e-sports sector. It also organizes and produces esports tournaments for various games, and PATHFINDERS is a new project the company has been advertising for some time.

The PATHFINDERS tournament series will focus on League of Legendshas not announced any other game for now. There will be at least four tournaments this 2023and each will have eight teams, six of which will be franchises. According to the model, these six teams will sign an agreement to participate in the series for at least one year. These teams are Team Solary, Galaxy Racer, G2 Esports, QLash Midnight, Vitality French Bees and BIG Chroma.

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The six partner teams will be joined by. two qualified teams who will have to earn their place through open playoffs. These will be held on May 13 and 14and the first event will take place on May 27 and 28.

We want to provide a safe environment for women to play and develop their careers within esports. However, we also understand that for the growth of the scene, it is important to incentivize not only the players, but also the organizations.

Ali Rashid, Head of Product of PROJEKT GAP

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