Parkside tools from Lidl have arrived here too. 3 unique battery-powered models

Kaufland has its own tools, tools and accessories, offered under the MyProject brand. This week, however, those arriving in the retailer’s stores will come across such Parkside products, a Lidl brand.

We don’t know why Kaufland included these tools in its offering, but we do know that both companies are part of the Schwarz Group.

We recommend three unique Parkside battery-powered devices in Kaufland’s current offering:

A 12-volt rotary screwdriver, which can be used in harder-to-reach or cramped spaces, is available for 149 lei. The head of the device can be set in five positions. The screwdriver includes LED work light. The maximum torque offered is 11 Nm. The device does not come with battery and charger.

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Also appealing is the cordless drill and sander that can be used for projects that require more finesse. The device includes a 1.3 Ah battery, but no charger. A USB-C cable can, however, be used to charge the battery.

Also interesting is the LED work lamp with battery offered by Kaufland. It offers two brightness levels (maximum 480 lumens, cool white light). This model doesn’t include battery and charger either.

Kaufland sells a Parkside battery charger for 37 lei. A 12 V, 2 Ah battery is available for 73 lei. A 4 Ah battery costs 109 lei.

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