Parkside battery powered tools, true wireless headsets and phone accessories

Lidl will be offering many useful accessories and gadgets for drivers from Monday 20 March. Those who have to change their winter tyres for summer ones or who need some car accessories should look out for them in Lidl supermarkets and hurry, as they will only be in stock next week.

Tyre changing accessories on offer at Lidl

Those who want to change tyres at home quickly and efficiently will have the Tangential Impact Screwdriver at their disposal. At 499 lei, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s a tool you can use for many years to come, and you can amortise its price in a few tyre changes, as you won’t be paying for it at a specialist centre. The advantage is especially for those who own more than one car.

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Along with this very useful tool you can also buy an impact tube kit, so you can undo various sized studs. Also, car headers that can hold two tons are a good choice. The tubulars cost 49,99 lei, while the staples cost 89,99 lei (2 pieces). A hydraulic jack is only 89,99 lei.

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Also for tires, Lidl offers a micro compressor to inflate hand wheels, bicycle wheels or even balls. It costs just £79.99 and has a maximum pressure of 10 bar, and the included pressure gauge will ensure you don’t over or under inflate.

Cheap car and smartphone accessories good to have on hand

There’s also a pressure tester on offer that can also be used as an emergency hammer to smash glass in an emergency and cut seatbelts. It even has a tyre wear indicator so you can test if your tyres need replacing. It costs 49.99 lei.

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Of course for those who need a little light on the garage workbench, Lidl comes with a Parkside LED lamp that charges from USB-C. Its foot is magnetic. Seems like a good accessory at £59.99.

Other useful things from Lidl for cars would be the jumper cables for when you run out of battery power at 84,99 lei, the headlight reconditioning kit at 49,99 lei, and the digital thermometer that can measure outside and inside temperature.

For those who want to go on a long road trip soon, Lidl also offers some smartphone accessories. A car adapter with USB plugs for charging and a secondary cigarette lighter plug so you don’t lose this functionality costs 29.99 lei, and charging cables between 39 and 49.99 lei. The most expensive one has multiple ends, so it can power any phone.

A pair of in-ear true wireless headphones from Silvercrest costs 129,99 lei, useful for taking calls while driving, and a portable speaker with Bluetooth and radio included, good for picnics costs 219 lei.


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