“Păcală” made us laugh, but Sebastian Papaiani had no reason to laugh before he died: the story of the great actor

Sebastian Papaiani was, without a doubt, one of our country’s most talented theatre and film actors.

You’ve seen Papaiani, among others, in Nea Mărin Miliardar, Alo, A aterbunica, Secretul lui Bachus or in Păcală. You’ve laughed with him, you’ve appreciated his unique way of transforming himself on stage, and maybe even cried when you heard the news that he’s no longer with us.

Sebastian Papaiani, as “Păcală”

Sebastian Papaiani, from the beginning

Sebastian Papaiani was born in 1936, in Pitesti, to a Romanian mother and a Greek father.

He was one of the most beloved actors in theatre, film, radio and television. At times, he lent his voice to several characters.

In 2002, he was decorated with the National Order of Faithful Service in the rank of Knight, along with other actors, “for the devotion and artistic grace put at the service of the Romanian theatre, on the occasion of the celebration of a century and a half of existence of the National Theatre in Bucharest”.

Among the most important plays in which he played we can list: Your Part of the Guilt, A Smile in Midsummer, Gaudeamus Igitur, At the Gates of the Earth, Ghosts are Hurrying, The Mornings of a Good Boy, Saturday Night Ball, The Miscellaneous Brigade Goes into Action, B.D. la Munte și la Mare, Asediul, Tonight We Dance as a Family, The Young Brothers, Freshman Autumn, The War of Independence, The Redsmith, Accident, All Sails Up, The Buftea Express, Last Night of Love, The High Schoolers, The Secret of Nemesis or, later, television series like Tears of Love or Daria.

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Sebastian Papaiani in the last part of his life

Sebastian Papaiani’s great regret

In 2016, Sebastian Papaiani passed away after a long suffering and left a huge hole in the hearts of Romanians who loved him so much, thanks to the various roles he played, throughout his career. That year, the Diverse Brigade was reunited on the other side.

“The Tater Tot” died, however, with great regret in his heart.

Not many people know that the actor had a son from his first marriage to the actress Eugenia Giurgiu. This one, although named after him, was not with his father for long.

The great actor broke off contact with his son soon after his divorce, feeling extremely betrayed when the latter chose to stay with his mother instead of him. Ironically, Sebastian Papaiani was awarded custody following the divorce, but Sebastian Jr. preferred to continue living with his mother.

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It seems that the artist could never get over his son’s decision, which is why he chose to cut him out of his life.

His grandson, Sebastian Vasile Papaiani, was also denied his grandfather’s love. When the artist died, the two had not seen each other for years.

Clearly, Sebastian Papaiani lived and died with this regret in his heart. The actor died at the age of 80, without his entire family by his side.

In turn, Sebastian Jr. died a few years after his father. He had been gravely ill and facing substantial financial problems for years: “For readers who love family histories, Papaiani’s biography is the perfect read. They will learn about the actor’s parents and grandparents, about his origins, about uncles and aunts, cousins and cousins, about his first son from his first marriage, named Sebastian, who sadly died in Sibiu not two years after the actor’s death; about Alkis, his son from his second marriage, who lives in the capital, and who gave him a granddaughter, Ana Medeea, the one who managed to bring him moments of happiness in his last two years of life”.

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