Orcas attack boats and sink them on purpose -.

We all fear a robot revolution, but what if it turns out that humanity is not really at the top of the food chain in the natural world? In recent weeks, several attacks have been reported in which a gang of orcas shows up, takes apart and destroys a boat and then leaves.

Off the coast of Spain in May, WordsSideKick.com reported that three orcas took down a yacht. The two smaller whales shook the rudder at the rear of the vessel, while the larger one repeatedly rammed the yacht until it went down. A simple strategy, but quite effective by the looks of things.

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A few boats have become ineffective due to these hurricane attacks, and scientists are struggling to find the reasons behind them. Apparently these attacks were first recorded in 2020, but have only become more aggressive over time.

Orcas attack boats and sink them on purpose

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