Oppo announces the launch of Find X5 Pro. Confirms leaked design

Oppo has finally confirmed the launch date of its new flagship: Find X5 Pro, which we have seen in various unofficial photos over the past few months. Also, on this occasion, the company published the first images with the back of the device, thus confirming the veracity of the information we received previously. It seems that the phone will be presented just a few days before the start of the Mobile World Congress 2022 technology fair in Barcelona.

Find X5 Pro will be the first Oppo phone with Hasselblad branding

The presentation of the Oppo Find X5 Pro (and probably of the other models in the series) will take place next week, on February 24, at 13:00 in Romania. The event will be exclusively online and promises to present “a flagship with a futuristic design, made of ceramic material”. Since the rumors were about a glass cover, similar to the one on the Find X3 Pro, I found out a new detail on this occasion.

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Oppo also speaks in relation to Find X5 Pro that it has a “state-of-the-art camera”, which is different from what we see on other models. Either the company has chosen to integrate other sensors, which perform better than the OnePlus 10 Pro, or rather the processing part, which will be done by a proprietary co-processor called MariSilicon X. Oppo says it will help the phone to overcome current limitations of mobile devices, providing improved performance especially in night filming.

The company has already confirmed its partnership with Hasselblad, the Swedish camera brand currently owned by Chinese drone company DJI, and the processor behind the device is, of course, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. However, it seems that Hasselblad branding will be present only on the top model of the series. The “standard” Find X5 and “Lite” versions will not be equipped with these advanced shooting and filming technologies.

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source: TheVerge

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