OnePlus 11 launches next week in China. The phone appears in new photos

OnePlus had previously revealed the release date of its next flagship, the OnePlus 11, but it looks like we’ll see this phone in detail before then. That’s because for the Chinese market, the phone will be released even earlier, and the official unveiling time is even closer than we expected. Along with this news we also get new official photos of the phone, as well as the first real images in the hands of a user.

OnePlus 11 has a new release date

It looks like February 7 will be the international launch, bringing the phone to Europe and other regions, while next week, on January 4, we’ll find out the full details about the phone with the Chinese launch. The announcement was made on the company’s Weibo account, as is customary in this region.

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Incidentally, the announcement came “bundled” with a confirmation of some features already known unofficially: Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, 12 or 16 GB RAM and up to 512 GB internal storage. The operating system in China will be ColorOS 13, as it has been on OnePlus for generations in this country, the same OS used by Oppo phones.

In Europe and the US, OnePlus will still ship the OxygenOS operating system, also based on Android 13. It is also confirmed that the camera system will be made in partnership with Hasselblad, and that the phone will ship in black and green back variants.

The actual images suggest that the phone is already in the hands of some users, who may have picked them up from the stocks of Chinese stores, who probably already have them in stock, waiting for next week’s launch.

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