Offroad Mechanic Simulator launches today on Steam – That’s Gaming

Dust, grease and mud splattered on your screens today! Offroad Mechanic Simulator, developed and published by Image Power in partnership with GameFormatic, is coming to Steam. Embark on an adrenaline-filled journey through challenging offroad tracks, where you can only count on yourself.

Offroad Mechanic Simulator is a simulator that allows players to experience the excitement of driving powerful offroad vehicles without leaving cozy rooms. During the adventure, players come face to face with iconic off-road vehicles, repairing, modifying and upgrading to ensure those beasts can pass rigorous field tests. Deadly races and challenges await daredevils who are not afraid to drive in extreme conditions.

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In Offroad Mechanic Simulator you take the job that all car enthusiasts dream of. Your mission is to transform off-road vehicles into powerful beasts capable of overcoming the toughest challenges. While playing the role of a mechanic, your responsibilities go far beyond ordinary tasks. As the owner of a workshop, you are given assignments that require something extra. By equipping vehicles with top-quality parts, you can significantly improve their performance. You will also have to personally ensure that the vehicles are ready to tackle the most demanding conditions and meet your customers’ expectations. This will not be an easy task, however, as each project must be completed within a set budget.

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Push the boundaries of safety as you bravely venture into treacherous terrain, fearlessly climb rocky cliffs and bravely cross muddy rivers. With each completed challenge, enjoy the rewarding and breathtaking views of scenic landscapes. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the vehicle before returning it to the customer so it shines like never before!

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