Nova Launcher app, purchased. What happens to the project

Nova Launcher, one of the most popular and popular launcher-e for the Android operating system, has been acquired by the firm Branch. It provides data analytics services.

The new owner will use Nova to collect data from the app’s users as well as test new technologies.

Branch has announced that it will hire the app’s creator, Kevin Barry, who will continue to run the launcher with his team. Cliff Wade, the current community manager, will also remain on the project.

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Branch services will be integrated into Nova Launcher starting with the 8.0.2 beta, but enabling them will be optional. Branch will also acquire Sesame Search, the service that provides the launcher’s contact search engine. Its developers (Steve Blackwell and Phil Wall) will be retained as well.

The Nova launcher, a household name in Android customization apps.

Nova is a launcher that targets advanced Android users who want detailed customization of their phones: they can change the shape of icons, edit app names, change colors or visual system effects.

The Nova Launcher app is available for free in the Play Store and is ad-free. Users who want to use everything the launcher has to offer can buy the Prime license, which costs $5 and is valid for life.

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