Nothing Phone 1, complained about problems with screen operation

Launched a few days ago, the Nothing Phone 1 is already being complained about by early buyers for a fault that manifests itself in the screen.

Nothing Phone 1 uses the Snapdragon 778G+ chipset, and is being developed as an upper-end mid-range phone and not a “flagship killer”. However, a high-performance OLED solution has been selected for the display, not unlike those found on top-end phones supplied by Samsung. Amusingly, the problems manifested are also almost identical to those reported in the past on Galaxy S20 Ultra phones, most likely indicating a lack of optimization of the firmware part.

Thus, buyers in India newly in possession of a copy of the Notching Phone 1 complain about the apparent failure of the OLED screen, the image taking on a green tint, especially noticeable on images with a dark background. This time too, the symptoms are only visible at certain lighting intensities and only with dark grey background images.

Apparently, the green screen coloring is especially noticeable if the display rate is set to 120Hz and the brightness is less than 30%.

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Unfortunately, screen colouring is not the only defect reported, with some users also complaining of “defective pixels” in the area of the perforation applied for the front camera, appearing within the first few hours of using the phone.

Contacted on Twitter for clarification, the company’s representatives acknowledged the reported problems with the screen’s operation, but did not specify whether these were hardware-related, or could be fixed with a simple firmware update.

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