Kate Bush, YouTube record: how Stranger Things helped her get back on the charts

Kate Bush’s signature song “Running Up That Hill” is making YouTube history after the Stranger Things producers went viral.

Season 4 of Stranger Things “broke” the internet in two. After a long wait, fans finally had a chance to see their favorite characters again, in the “upside-down” world, but also in Hawkins, the small American town where, apparently, a lot more happens than in a normal town.

Stranger Things “brought Kate Bush back to life”

Those who have already seen the fourth season of Stranger Things know that one of this season’s leitmotifs is Kate Bush’s 1980s song “Running Up That Hill”. In a way, this song, can be seen as a sort of “lifeline” for Max, one of the main characters.

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As most Stranger Things fans were most likely not born when “Running Up That Hill” was all the rage, they were faced with a revelation, noticing the uniqueness and resubmitting the song back to the charts, specifically to #1 in the UK.

A similar thing also happened on YouTube, where Kate Bush’s original post jumped over 100 million views, which, for such an old song, is an absolute record.

This new achievement proves two things. On the one hand, it shows us just how “big” Stranger Things really is. On the other hand, we can’t help but notice that good music will always be loved, as long as there’s someone to rediscover it. In other words, what is truly beautiful can remain immortal.

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Incidentally, Kate Bush made a point of thanking Stranger Things fans, declaring herself genuinely amazed at what happened to her more than four-decade-old song. Clearly, this new achievement has also brought her a financial boost.

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