Nigerian Army kills 57 terrorists in separate operations in northeast Nigeria

The Nigerian Army said Thursday that they have managed to neutralize 57 terrorists in several operations deployed in the last two weeks on the enclaves of Boko Haram and Islamic State in West Africa (ISWA) in the northeast of the country.

The Army’s director of operations, General Musa Danmadami, has specified in a press conference from Abuja, that the terrorists have fallen in different operations carried out between August 11 and 25 in the states of Borno and Yobe, reports the Nigerian daily ‘Premium Times’.

In particular, Danmadami has highlighted an air strike last August 20 on several enclaves of these groups in the forests of Sambisa and Tumboons in the state of Borno, which allowed to finish off at least 25 of them and to wound 18.

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He has stressed that among the killed jihadists is a senior commander known as ‘Uzaifa’, who ranks fourth in the leadership structure of the terrorist group. Danmadami pointed out that based on the information they have received it is believed that the new ISWA leader is hiding in the forests of Sambisa.

Danmadami has told that twelve people suspected of belonging or collaborating with these terrorist groups have been arrested. He also welcomed the release of four civilians during these operations.

Throughout these two weeks of operations, Danmadami has reported that 1,652 extremist terrorists as well as their families, including 890 minors have surrendered to the authorities.

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