Nicaragua reiterates its rejection of the U.S. ambassador and charges the Netherlands for “interfering”.

The Government of Nicaragua has reiterated this Friday its rejection of the recently confirmed by the Senate as U.S. ambassador to the Latin American country, Hugo Rodriguez, and has pointed to the Netherlands as “interfering”.

Nicaragua’s vice president, Rosario Murillo, has described Rodriguez as “insignificant interferer”, “disrespectful” and “not diplomatic at all”, the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry has expressed in an official note read by Murillo, according to ‘La Prensa’.

“We reiterate our unwavering position of national dignity that absolutely ignores the interference and imperialist actions that deserve the repudiation of honorable and fighting peoples like ours”, she added.

Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, has also pointed out the Netherlands as “interfering” and has stated that he does not want relations with “that interventionist government” during a police parade, as reported by the same media.

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Ortega has even referred to the European country as “human misery” after his ambassador informed him that she would not go ahead with the project to build a hospital in the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. He also accused the ambassador of speaking to Nicaraguans as if they were a “Dutch” colony.

“Whoever comes here to disrespect our people, our homeland, should never show up again in Nicaragua and we do not want relations with that interventionist government, all their miseries can be shouted outside, but here in Nicaragua we do not allow them to disrespect this people,” he said.

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Currently the relations between the Netherlands and Nicaragua depend on the Embassy in Costa Rica, because on Nicaraguan soil they only have a consulate.

Ortega ordered last Wednesday the expulsion from the country of the ambassador of the European Union, Bettina Muscheidt, after last week the EU delegation to the United Nations demanded the release of political prisoners and the return of democracy to the Nicaraguan people.

In addition to her expulsion, Muscheidt has been declared persona non grata in Nicaragua, a European diplomatic source told the newspaper ‘La Prensa’.

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