NFT: the Mythics collection from PROOF (Moonbirds) makes its debut

Mythicsthe new collection from NFT from the creator of Moonbirdsadopts a launch mode unusual. A total of 20,000 tokens type PFP minted on Ethereum will be gradually revealed.

Teased last year at PROOF Collective’s fundraising event, Mythics is a series of 20,000 NFT featuring illustrations of owls which, unlike the Moonbirds collection, are not pixelated.

On Thursday, PROOF finally announced the arrival of Mythics. Unlike most NFT collections, the tokens Mythics will be unveiled on a 200-day period100 per day. The startup headed by Kevin Rose has the choice of a progressive launch.

Mythics is dedicated to NFT owners in the PROOF ecosystem and presented as a “new mint experience” for them.

Holders of Moonbirds can “nest” their bird in order to receive one of the 50 mythical eggs “distributed on a daily basis, and which, once hatched, allows you to obtain the new NFT. “The legendary eggs offer 3 options to choose from runic eggs offer 2 options and the stone eggs offer an option. Myths are generated completely at random, giving ALL eggs the chance to score a rare myth,” explains the project.

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At the same time, holders ofOdditiesa collection derived from Moonbirdscan “burn” their tokens to get their hands on a Mythics. 50 NFT will also be allocated each day through this second distribution method.

With Mythics, we offer our community a new experience that unites the PROOF ecosystem and expands the narrative initiated with Moonbirds. I’m extremely proud of our teams’ hard work on this launch, aimed at amplifying the Moonbirds narrative through art and technology,” proclaimed Kevin Rose.

While the Moonbirds falls into the public domain (CC0 license) in 2022, PROOF grants the intellectual property rights to the owners of the tokens in its new collection. The owners of Mythics will be able to use the image and popularity of their NFT to launch various projects, including commercial ones.

In addition, those who own Mythics will get a access to real-life and digital experiences organized by the start-up.

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With its new collection, PROOF seems to be trying to revive interest around its NFTs, whose has been divided by 10 over the last 12 months. The lowest price for Moonbirds today is around 1.5 ethers compared with around 15 ethers a year earlier.

Lowest price for NFT Moonbirds since the collection was launched in Spring 2022 – NFTpricefloor

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