Ethereum’s Holesky testnet launched in 2nd trial

Ethereum’s Holešky testnet is named after Nádraží Holešovice, a railway station in Prague.

The network Ethereum now has a new testnet with Holesky. The second attempt was crowned with successafter a technical failure earlier this month.

The commissioning of the newEthereum had missed its appointment. Its launch, originally scheduled for September 15, was to coincide with the anniversary of The Merge, the transition from PoW to PoS.

We had to wait until the end of the month for Holesky succeeds in this first step. The project’s success was made official yesterday during a livestream attended by several Ethereum Foundation developers.

A tailor-made testnet for the Dencun hard fork

The second was the right one for this new testnet. The launch of Holesky will mainly be of interest to ecosystem developers. In particular, the testnet will support developments in the scaling field.

To this end, Holesky will replace another test network that is already in great demand, Goerli. The promise of the new testnet is that it can accommodate twice as many validators as the mainnet.

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Holesky is also intended to remedy Goerli’s ETH supply problems. Ethereum developers will now be able to check whether the promises are indeed being fulfilled.

This phase should have started earlier, on September 15, the anniversary of The Merge. But a poor technical configuration spoiled the party. The developers agreed to try again a week later.

Celebrating The Merge was not an end in itself, as the priority was to put a network into production that would be maintained for several years, emphasized Parithosh Jayanthi, devops engineer at the Ethereum Foundation.

Holesk will provide developers with a solid foundation for the network’s next hard fork, Dencun. Danksharding will be one of the main technical features deployed as part of the update. It aims to reduce gas charges and thus transaction costs.

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