NFT Solana: Tensor marketplace raises $3M from Placeholder VC

Tensora marketplace dedicated to non-fungible tokens which presents itself as the ” Blur de Solana “has just completed a 3 million dollar round of financing.

Yesterday, on Twitter, Tensor has announced that it has raised 3 million dollars in a funding round led by crypto venture capital firm Placeholder VC.

Launched in the summer of 2022 by Ilja Moisejevs and Richard Wu, Tensor presents itself as the ” Blur de Solana “, referring to Blur, a new NFT marketplace on Ethereum whose trading volumes have exceeded those of the pioneer OpenSea for several weeks.

Tensor will become the core protocol for NFT trading on Solana, in the same way Uniswap did for ERC-20 and Blur did for ERC-721 on Ethereum,” the startup trumpeted.

The fundraising of the marketplace also includes the participation of Solana Ventures, Alliance DAOBig Brain Holdings as well as the co-founders of Solana, Anatoly Yakovenko and Raj Gokal.

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On TechcrunchRichard Wu explained that the platform was trying to “define the next meta for NFT Solana “. “A lot of things that have been done on Solana are carbon copies of Ethereum and we think Solana NFTs can be much more,” he said.

Tensor now claims 30,000 monthly active users.

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