New leaks reveal more about the scope of delivery and specs

According to a leak, the dock will be included with the Pixel Tablet.  (Image: Google Youtube)

According to a leak, the dock will be included with the Pixel Tablet. (Image: Google / Youtube)

Google surprised many with the announcement of the Pixel tablet. It was actually announced a few years ago that they would be leaving the tablet business.

Strictly speaking, the new device is not just a tablet, but also a hub for your smart home. There will be a dock with built-in speakers, into which the tablet can be plugged.

So far, however, it was unclear whether the charging station had to be purchased separately or whether it would be part of the scope of delivery.

Dock included, 8 gigabytes of RAM and four color options

9to5Google now wants to know that the dock is part of the scope of delivery.

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Although the previously known specifications and capabilities of the tablet indicated an affordable price. If you add the dock, however, the price could be higher than previously expected.

Apart from that, there are also some leaked specifications. As expected, the tablet is powered by the Tensor G2, which comes with 8 GB RAM to be paired. Android 13 should be factory installed. The combination is pretty much what we see in the Google Pixel 7.

Additionally, 9to5Google confirms that the Pixel tablet will have a physical privacy switch will have, with which one can disable cameras and microphones.

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Finally, the Google Pixel tablet and dock in four colors to be available. Initially, a beige model with a white frame appears. There will also be a green model with a black frame. Both colors were shown by Google itself, so they’re practically guaranteed. Nothing is currently known about the other two color options.

We expect Google to launch the Pixel Tablet on May 10th at Google I/O introduces. Pre-orders will most likely start after the event. We assume that it will then be available in June.

Are you looking forward to the Pixel Tablet and what features do you want for it? What is your price assessment for the smart home hub tablet hybrid? Tell us in the comments!

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