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Magical Delicacy – Cooking Gameplay Revealed

A new gameplay trailer reveals the first look at how cooking works in the upcoming cooking adventure-meets-Metroidvania-lite Magical Delicacy.

Cooking in Magical Delicacy uses a deep attribute-based ingredient system that gives players the freedom to be creative while presenting puzzling challenges while preparing meals that appeal to the audience. Each item used to cook has its own unique properties, which affect the taste, portions and other aspects of each dish. Orders received from Flora’s friends and clients always include specific requirements that she must meet, so choosing the right things to add requires some strategic culinary planning.

From developer sKaule, Magical Delicacy invites you to take on the role of Flora, a young woman who arrives in a bustling cliffside port town to open a store and make her dreams of becoming a real witch come true! Cook meals and drinks in your custom-built kitchen and carefully select the right ingredients to meet your customers’ needs. Explore the town in casual platform action to meet residents and deliver tasty treats, all the while discovering new secrets, finding new ways to travel through, and learning more about the world of magic!

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Magical Delicacy is available from day one with Xbox Gamepass on PC, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One, and for PC via Steam.

Botany Manor – Herbarium and new puzzles revealed; Demo now available on Steam

The new trailer offers a first look at the Herbarium, a book that documents botanist Arabella Greene’s research into the mysterious plants she discovers, and an essential tool to help players follow the discovered clues to solve each puzzle. You also get a taste of four of the game’s flowers: Windmill Wort, Fulguria, Phoenix of the Forest and Sapphire Gloom.

Players eager to get their hands on Botany Manor are also in luck, as the first public Steam demo is now live on the game’s Steam page.

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The enduring estate of Botany Manor is home to retired botanist Arabella Greene. After a long career, she has amassed a collection of rare, long forgotten plants that need some research to help bring them back to life. Play as Arabella and explore the beautiful historic mansion and grounds to find clues in her notes, books, posters and objects scattered around the house to determine the right conditions for the flora to flourish. Unlock new seeds and plant them. Interaction items around the grounds that can be turned and flipped provide information to help you solve each garden puzzle, grow the plants and discover their mysterious properties.

Botany Manor is coming to PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Series S|X.

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