New “Back to the Future” Pack Launches for POWERWASH SIMULATOR – A Time Traveling Cleaning Experience! – That’s Gaming

Gamers and fans of the legendary “Back to the Future” franchise, beware! The developers at FuturLab, in partnership with Square Enix Collective and Universal Games and Digital Platforms, have something spectacular in store for you. It’s time to grab your pressure washer and travel back in time with the all-new “Back to the Future Special Pack” for POWERWASH SIMULATOR.

Time Travel Meets Cleaning!

In this unique package, you get the chance to refresh iconic movie locations and items from the beloved “Back to the Future” trilogy. Imagine – you’re standing there, pressure washer in hand, with Doc Brown’s van in front of you, the famous Time Machine, the Hill Valley Clocktower, the Holomax Theatre, and even Doc’s Time Train.

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New Challenges and Easter Eggs

But there’s more than just cleaning. This pack introduces ten new achievements that you can unlock while exploring the film’s timeless sets. The developers promise an experience full of easter eggs, hidden details and direct references to the movies, making it a feast for gamers and movie buffs alike.

Availability and Price

The “Back to the Future Special Pack” is now available for a friendly price of $7.99. It is playable on various platforms, including Steam, Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 (PS4™) and PlayStation®5 (PS5®).

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Forget the stress of the day with POWERWASH SIMULATOR, a game centered around the soothing sound of water being sprayed under high pressure. Build your own cleaning business and battle every speck of dirt you come across. With its unique combination of relaxation and escapism, POWERWASH SIMULATOR offers a distinct experience in the simulation genre.

So, if you’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to travel through time while making the world a little cleaner, here’s your chance! Grab your pressure washer and get ready for an adventure that defies the laws of time and space.

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