Never stop scooting with this solar-powered electric scooter -.

My parents always like to hit me with the “there are a lot of wires for something called wireless” When I introduce them to a new technology that uses Qi charging or connects via Bluetooth instead of a physical cable. It’s a valid point because we still need cables to somehow power these “wireless” devices. Fortunately, Solar Scooters’ latest scooter aims to take the term “wireless” to a new level.

Because the S80 Solar Scooter uses the power of the sun to ensure that you never have to plug the vehicle in to charge it. The funky looking two-wheeler essentially looks like any scooter that came before it, but this one has a huge solar panel nailed to the front and used as the base where you stand.

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As Electrek reports, the scooter is said to have a 468 Wh battery that can be fully charged by being left in sunlight for anywhere from 7 to 14 hours. The scooter then promises to deliver a range of 22 miles at maximum charge, which is pretty good value for money – unless you live in the UK, where sunlight is more of a treat than everyday.

Never stop scooting with this solar-powered electric scooter

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