Netflix puts its foot down: the decision that will change everything you knew about your account

Admittedly, Netflix has been a little late in making this decision, though it’s not the first time it’s bragged about doing so.

Following a pretty tough year in which it lost a considerable number of users, in fact its highest number in a decade, Netflix finds itself in a position to make a number of changes in order to rebalance its finances.

The good news is that, in doing so, the streaming giant could achieve its goals. The bad news is that it will do so at your expense.

What you won’t be able to do on Netflix from now on

If you have a Netflix account and used to give your password “through the neighbors,” know that you won’t be able to do that, from now on. Not for free, anyway. Generosity will force you to take some money out of your pocket, and sooner than you think.

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The changes will begin to take effect from 2023, although many details of this are not known at present.

As far as we know, Netflix has already tested the new arrangement in Latin America, charging $3 in exchange for a human “hanging” on the account.

In other areas, users absolutely had to provide a code every time to the person they wanted to borrow the account, until they, annoyed by the situation, would choose to pay a monthly fee to add people from outside the household.

A similar method could be implemented in Europe or the United States. Netflix would want to charge you, on top of the usual fee, another one, explaining the presence of other “eyes” within the user account.

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Basically, the giant has known for some time that users are borrowing passwords, but has chosen to ignore the phenomenon, since it was doing very well financially until 2022. But now that the situation has changed, the “pledges” may become a thing of the past.

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