Netflix movies that will break the charts in January 2023. Dramas, biopics or historicals, all promise to be sensational

In January, Netflix movies promise to set new ratings records, as Vikings: Valhalla returns with season two and Edgar Allan Poe appears in a story where he must uncover the killer of a US case.

Netflix announces January movies that will keep you close to the streaming platform

January’s titles coming to Netflix look promising, as subscribers to the platform’s streaming service will be able to watch “The Pale Blue Eye,” a film that casts Chistian Bale in the lead role as Edgard Allan Poe helps solve a murder mystery.

“Copenhagen Cowboy” is another interesting title that depicts the lesser-known world of Copenhagen where supernatural abilities rule. History buffs can spend hours in front of their screens watching the second season of “Vikings: Valhalla”, where Freydis, Leif and Harald travel to different parts of the world to conquer new territories.

“Copenhagen Cowboy”, from January 5

The series is directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, in which the action takes place under neon lights. Six episodes comprise the story of a young woman named Miu who, in a new chapter of her life, travels through the lesser-known world of Copenhagen.

“The Pale Blue Eye”, 6 January

The action takes place in 1830, when a cadet at the US Military Academy is found dead. In an attempt to find the truth, the head of the academy enlists the services of young Edgar Allan Poe who, though he hates the rigors of the military and is drawn to poetry, continues his research on the case.

“Vikings: Valhalla: Season 2”, from January 12

The action takes place about a thousand years ago, presenting the story of history’s most famous Vikings. Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdotter and Harald Sigurdsson set off to different corners of the world in search of power and the conquest of new territories, far from the familiar Kattegat.

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Other Netflix series

“Kaleidoscope,” from January 1

A thief and his crew hatch a plan to pull off a heist and steal $7 billion, but when the math at home doesn’t match the math at the deal, certain factors throw their plan into disarray.

“Lady Voyeur,” from January 1

Miranda is a skilled hacker who spies on her neighbor who is in the oldest profession in the world. The two intersect resulting in a murder, and Miranda’s life turns 180 degrees.

“The Lying Life of Adults”, January 4

The film tells the story of a teenage girl who finds herself in Naples trying to better understand who she is, becoming quite close to the aunt her parents despised so much.

“Ginny & Georgia: Season 2”, from January 5

New relationships and life stories appear on Georgia and Ginny’s horizon as they make their way through Wellsbury.

“Woman of the Dead,” January 5.

In the aftermath of a tragic, life-changing accident, a woman uncovers a conspiracy connected to the highest level of her small town.

“Trolley,” from January 9

A congressman’s wife gives up her private life in the wake of tragedy, taking a fresh look at family issues and her troubled past.

“Sexify: Season 2”, from 11 January

Three young entrepreneurs’ new company on the brink needs a solution when their competitor threatens their business.

“The Makanai: Cooking for the maiko House”, from January 12

Hoping to achieve their dream of becoming a maiko, two young women move to Kyoto. However, after moving in together, they decide to devote their time to other passions.

“Sky Rojo: Season 3”, from January 13

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In Almeria, Coral, Gina and Wendy manage to get a new lease on life, but Romeo is out for revenge, so the three’s peace of mind won’t last long.

“That 90S Show,” January 19

Leia Forman spends the summer at her grandparents’ house, where she meets other teenagers from Point Place.

“Women at War”, January 19

The action takes place during World War I, France, 1914, when German troops are advancing and the men are leaving for the front. The women left at home have to face all unforeseen situations, as well as dealing with the aftermath of the war.

“Fraud: Season 4”, from 20 January

The fourth season of the action series returns to Netflix with new stories.

“Lockwood & Co.”, Jan. 27

Two boys and a girl with paranormal powers form a team to investigate the spirits haunting London.

Netflix Movies January 2023

“How I Became A Gangster,” from January 4

The Warsaw underworld meets a new future leader, and in his bid to climb the ranks, he plans a new coup.

“Khallat+”, January 19

Four different places where social scams take place play out the film’s story.

“You People”, January 27

A comedy about a couple and their families featuring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in the cast.

“Noise”, from January 11

In an attempt to find her missing daughter, a mother meets other women who have experienced violence throughout their lives.

“Narvik”, January 23

Left at home, the wife of a Norwegian soldier away at war has to cope with the German forces occupying the town.

Netflix documentary January 2023

“Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street,” from Jan. 4

The documentary chronicles the rise and fall of Bernie Madoff, one of the creators of Wall Street’s largest pyramid scheme.

“Break Point”, January 13

The documentary tells the story of professional tennis players, both on the clay court and in their private lives over the course of a tournament.

“Pamela, A Love Story”, January 31

The story of the famous Pamela Anderson in which her rise to fame, filming of sex scenes, and scandal-ridden relationships are featured.

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