Netflix is ​​planning a new animated series: what does it have to do with The Office and King of the Hill

Mike Judge and Greg Daniels will star in a new animated series called “Bad Crimes,” starring Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus. It will be available on Netflix.

Greg Daniels and Mike Judge, creators of popular sitcoms (for example, “The Office”) will have a new Netflix animated series called “Bad Crimes”. In fact, Judge and Daniels are no strangers to animated sitcoms. The two creative and enlightened minds joined forces to create “King of the Hill”, one of the most popular animated series of all time.

“Bad Crimes” will be part of the Netflix animation collection

Recently, Netflix announced that it has commissioned a new animated series under the “wand” of the famous Judge and Daniels, called “Bad Crimes”. Specifically, the streaming giant required 10 episodes, for starters, the next series being the first series in collaboration with Bandera Entertainment Company, the new production company created by the two illustrious, mentioned above, in our article.

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Also, the new animated series will have famous names, in terms of production, personalities who, in the past, have collaborated in creating other successful animations such as “Big Mouth” or “Rick and Morty”, among others.

The new series will include, in the lead roles, names already known to those who frequently watch Netflix. For example, Nicole Byer, who hosts the reality show “Nailed It!”, And Lauren Lapkus, who played an extremely important role in the hit series “Orange is the New Black” Wrong Missy ”and“ Between Two Ferns: The Movie ”.

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According to a statement from Netflix, “Nicole Byer and Lauren Lapkus will play Kara and Jennie in Bad Crimes, two FBI agents who travel across the country to solve horrific crimes while juggling their personal lives.”

At this time, an official release date for the new animation is unknown.

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