NCSOFT’s Project M receives fat trailer – That’s Gaming

NCSOFT’s action-adventure title Project M was shown during the State of Unreal presentation at GDC 2023, highlighting the features of Unreal Engine 5. It begins with a digital version of chief creative officer Taekjin Kim, created using the company’s AI text-to-speech system. Facial expressions and lip-sync are possible thanks to “voice-to-face technology.”

As for Project M, it is an interactive title, not dissimilar to Detroit: Become Human, where the player makes choices in different scenes. Each branch proceeds in unique ways, so using a gun suddenly turns the game into a third-person shooter.

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“Information particles” allow the player to “simulate the temporally delivered time and space.” Mixing the past, present and future in different spaces looks interesting and the visuals are fantastic thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

Project M is in development for consoles with no release date. Stay tuned for more details and check out announcements from State of Unreal.

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