Airdrop Arbitrum: 280 million ARB still unclaimed

Nearlyhalf a million from portfolios have obtained a total of approximately 900 million ARB tokens in the framework of theaidrop of the foundation Arbitrum.

Despite some difficulties at the time of its opening, theaidrop Arbitrum launched yesterday already has more than 466,000 participantsaccording to the data provided by Nansen.

About 158,000 eligible wallets have yet to claim their dues, however, representing nearly 25% of the remaining 280 million tokens in the airdrop.

Source :Nansen

At the time of publishing this article, more exactly 883 million TRPs of the 1.16 billion available were dropped.

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Announced last week, the airdrop represents about 12% of total ARB supply and tokens are offered to people who have used the network in the past year.

Nearly half of the total digital coin offering will go to the Arbitrum Foundation. Offchain Labsthe publisher of layer2, and its investors will receive 27% and 17.5% of the tokens respectively. Arbitrum is supported by Polychain, Lightspeed Venture and Ribbit Capital.

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