Nancy Pelosi’s husband convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol

A California judge has sentenced the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to five days in jail for driving under the influence of alcohol at the end of May, although Paul Pelosi will not have to go to jail.

The court, which has examined Pelosi’s responsibility for a traffic accident, has dismissed a second charge against him after the defendant pleaded guilty to the first charge, according to the Napa County District Attorney’s Office.

In addition to the five days in jail, Pelosi will also have to pay nearly $5,000 to the other party involved in the incident for medical bills and lost income and, for three months, will have to attend a driver education program.

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For the next three years, his release will be conditioned on his not committing any other offenses and, for the next twelve months, he will only be allowed to drive if the vehicle has a system that performs a breathalyzer check before starting.

A spokesman for Paul Pelosi had previously claimed that the accident occurred when the Speaker’s husband was traveling a “short distance” home after attending a dinner party.

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