MSI’s new gaming laptops available in Romania with new Intel processors and RTX 40 graphics cards

MSI has also launched its new ultra-high performance gaming and productivity laptops on the Romanian market, which it originally announced at CES 2023. They are equipped with Intel’s latest 13th generation Core processors and NVIDIA’s RTX 40 graphics chips for a major leap in performance and improved power efficiency.

MSI Titan GT and Raider GE, the company’s highest-performing gaming models

At the top of the “pyramid” are the top-performing Titan GT and Raider GE models, equipped with the most powerful components currently available. We’re talking Intel Core i9-13980HX, with TDP up to 75W, along with graphics cards up to RTX 4090 with TDP up to 175W via Dynamic Boost 2.0. So you can get the highest performance available on a laptop at up to 250W.

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MSI Titan GT

The Titan GT is the first laptop to use a 4K display at 144 Hz based on Mini-LED technology with over 1,000 nits of brightness and 1,000 zones of illumination, while the Raider GE uses a 16:10 display with QHD resolution at 240 Hz. Both models are decorated with many RGB lights, including a special matrix on the front.

Stealth, Katana and Pulse series move towards portability and lower prices

Stealth range models promise high performance and increased portability. They come in 14″, 15″, 16″ and 17″ display variants. MSI has unveiled the Stealth 14 Studio models in the UK, with vapour chamber cooling for high performance in a low-profile laptop. The Stealth 16 Studio also adds a 6-speaker Dynaudio audio system, while the Stealth 15 is equipped with a 240 Hz OLED display.

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MSI Pulse

MSI’s Katana and Pulse models, however, are the volume variants with the most affordable prices in its product portfolio. They have been updated with new hardware, but retain the design of the previous variants. They have however received a Mux Switch, which improves gaming performance on the laptop screen. However, this mode consumes more battery power and is recommended for use when you’re at a desk, as it disables the integrated graphics chip in the processor and runs exclusively on the NVIDIA GPU.

Creator Z is the top range for creative professionals

Finally, Creator Z are the “premium” models for professional users. They are called Creator Z17 HX Studio and Creator Z16 HZ Studio and use Intel’s most powerful HX processors, along with touchscreen equipped displays. They are MSI Pen 2 compatible, with 4,096 levels of pressure and haptic feedback in use, so they can mimic writing or drawing on paper.

All of these laptop models are already available in stores in Romania. Prices have not been officially announced, but we found the Titan model configured to the maximum possible at 30.999 lei on eMAG.

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